My name is Jessie Early, and I’m a designer with an emphasis in typography based out of Nashville, TN.

An English writing major, poet, and songwriter, I’ve always had a love of words. During college, I decided to study graphic design as my minor and fell hard and fast in love with typography. My love affair with hand-lettering and calligraphy naturally followed. Hand-lettering and calligraphy let me experience words in an even more visual and tactile sense that complemented my love of writing.

What I do:

+ Unique type & lettering based designs
+ Handlettered signs (for weddings or other events)
+ Custom paper goods including invitations and business cards
+ Chalk lettering

At the moment, I only take on a select few projects at a time. Fill out the contact form on the home page or email me at thejessieearly@gmail.com with inquiries about your project. 

I’m passionate about honesty, creativity, and beauty in all things. When I'm not designing, I'm writing songs for film and TV, leading worship at our church with my husband, Aaron, painting everything white in our 1920s apartment, and eating fancy cheeses or Thai food (at separate times).
Photo by Austin Gros

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